CELBLEN Cellulose-reinforced

CELBLEN Cellulose-reinforced


  1. Eco-friendly
  2. -CELBLEN, containing large volume of biotic based materials, leads to reduction of petroleum based materials.
  3. -Yielding no burnt residue, CELBLEN can reduce incinerator ash.
  1. A unique manufacturing process has enabled the fine dispersion of each cellulose fiber in plastics, the moldings of CELBLEN have very smooth surface.
  1. CELBLEN, containing high-quality cellulose fibers, at processing evokes less gases compared to natural fiber-reinforced plastics, and you can produce moldings uniform in quality.
  1. Moldings of CELBLEN have various features.
  2. -rigidity
  3. -pleasant feel
  4. -acoustic characteristics
  5. The specific gravity, rigidity, and loss factor are well-balanced.
  6. -wear resistance (compared to mineral-filler filled materials)


Rigidity / replacement for GF-reinforced plastics


Container / rigidity, lightness in weight


Chopsticks / rigidity, pleasant feel

Acoustic features / speaker associated parts, musical instruments

リード(クラリネット)/剛性、損失係数 耐久性(耐水性)

Reed for clarinet / rigidity, loss-factor, water-resistance